Australian Open Women’s Final: THE PREAMBLE 

The semifinals have concluded. They were, to my surprise, a little shorter than I anticipated. 

First, Barty has such a solid game that you can not expect anything but her best tennis when she needs it the most. She is not the type to be overcome by nerves.

 Keys, on the other hand, has been a victim of them in the most important matches of her career. 

The most unforgettable match that comes to mind is the 2017 U.S Open all-American final against Sloane Stephens. 

Keys has a style of game that can’t be beaten by most players when she is at her best. Very different from Barty’s game.

Barty is consistent, keeps hitting the ball over and over again, provoking mistakes from her opponents, while Keys has very powerful groundstrokes and when she is on, she looks like she is a winner-hitting machine. 

The semifinal against Ash Barty, was like watching that U.S Open final all over again, many unforced errors from the American, who looked like she was never able to find her rhythm, postponing her chances of reaching a second Grand Slam final.

The second Semifinal between Swiatek and Collins was also one-sided, yet it gave the impression that Collins was too good for Iga, whereas, Keys seemed to have lost her match by her own merits. Swiatek was not given a lot to work with, Collins was hitting very solid and aggressive shots, a lot of winners, and especially, she was returning very well; not giving Swiatek a chance to hit the ball back the way she did in the previous five matches.

Both semifinals went to two sets, leaving us wanting more, but at the same time, it was a fair representation of why the finalists got there. Bary showed complete dominance, while Collins gave one more demonstration of her intensity that no one seems to subdue yet. 

One more player will have an opportunity to try and challenge it.

Will Collins win her first Grand Slam title or the home favorite prove one more time why she is ranked number one in the world?

(I predict Collins wins it on three sets.)

I’ll read your thoughts! 

Valentina Quijano 🙂


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