What’s behind Alcaraz’s success?

The powerful game Alcaraz has been displaying lately is evident. A beauty to the eyes of those that are not even fans of the sport. His forehand at only 18 years of age, is being called the best in the world. He is fast in the court and does not have any visible and obvious weaknesses. But we have seen that before, a young player promising to make the ATP tremble. 

Zvevev has been on the radar for a few years now, leading the younger players on tour. He has won 19 titles including five masters 1000 titles, but if we compare his game to Alcaraz the difference is monumental. 

Zverev’s game is very one-dimensional in my opinion. Waiting for his opponent to make a mistake. Which is a strategy that works at times. But Alcaraz on the other hand provokes the mistakes by being very aggressive and moving his opponent all around the court. 

I always love to emphasize the importance of having a variety in your shots, and that is something that has helped the Spaniard get to number 9 in the ATP rankings. Variety certainly has something to do with his recent success. He is able to hit the shots he wants at any time during the match, changing the rhythm of rallies, and doesn’t let his opponents get comfortable on court. 

The ATP has been a game of fast serves and powerful forehands, which explains why someone was able to take over the tour in a few months. 

It will be exciting to see who is able to step up their game to surprise Alcaraz this year. 


Miami Open 2022

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